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            2. 藝術家 | ARTISTS


              1955 年生,瑞士人,工作和生活在日內瓦。1989年起,擔任日內瓦藝術與設計大學陶瓷系系主任和教授。曾作為藝術家和教師受邀去往日本、中國、美國、古巴、斯里蘭卡和新西蘭。其作品被世界各地的博物館及知名私人收藏家展出或收藏。 其作品《人碗臉》獲得2005 年韓國第三屆世界陶瓷雙年展大獎。

              Philippe Barde

              (1955 Switzerland) Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 1989, he has been Head of the Ceramic Department and professor at the Art and Design University in Geneva. Barde has been invited as artist and teacher to Japan, China, USA, Cuba, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. His work is well represented in numerous museums and major private collections around the world. Grand Prize winner at the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea for Human Bowl Faces.