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              Announcement-parallel exhibition "Everything & Growing International Ceramic Film Screening"

              After 10 days of fair evaluation by 9 domestic evaluation experts,"The Spirit of Porcelain-2021 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Art Biennale" parallel exhibition "Everything & Growing International Ceramic Film Screening" selected 10 outstanding works.
              As follows:

              Serial number Name Area Work name
              1 Li Huilun, Liang Biqi, Chen Yuan, Li Zhaoxin, Wang Gawei Guangdong, China Ten Ways of Ceramic Poster
              2 Qi Ji Jiangsu; China FIRING CLAY
              3 Melany Pérez Schlotmann, Rafaela Pareja Ribera, Ismael López Nieto Spain(Valencia) WATERING BOWL_
              4 Yu Chao Jiangxi, China The spring breeze is as promised
              5 Jin Baoliang Jiangsu, China Yijing Yaki
              6 Tan Fuyong Jiangxi, China Porcelain Soul
              7 Wang Wanxing Jiangxi, China the Greatest Equipment of China 2021
              8 Xu Jiao Jiangxi, China Go to the kiln
              9 Yu Mengtong Beijing, China Farewell
              10 Ariane Coissieux France Drops of Light on my Clay

              Thank you all artists for your attention and participation!